BABs in Foligno

March 22, 2013

Here’s a couple of clips of BABs in Foligno, in january

On 20th March I’ll playing at the Vortex with two fantastic improvisers – Achim Kaufmann and Roger Turner.  I’ve written a preview of the gig, and interviewed Achim, for the LondonJazz blog – here:


I’m really pleased to have a couple of gigs coming up with the Olie Brice Quartet, at two of my favourite London venues.  The current line-up of the quartet features Mark Hanslip on tenor, Alex Bonney on trumpet (and pocket trumpet!) and Jeff  Williams on drums.

We’re playing at the Oxford in Kentish Town on the 18th March, and the Amersham Arms in New Cross on the 19th March (a double bill with the Martin Kolarides Trio)

Before then (11th March) Alex, Jeff and I will be appearing as the Alex Bonney Trio, at the Vortex.  Alex writes beautiful music, and his trio is one of my favourite bands to play in.  The evening will be a shared bill, with a solo piano set from the extraordinary Alexander Hawkins, so should be a bit special…