Olie Brice Quintet


The Olie Brice Quintet is the main outlet for my composing.  We play music drawing on free music, the jazz tradition and Jewish liturgical music.

The band was named as one of the ‘New bands of 2015’ in the El Intruso International Jazz Critics poll, and has been described by Richard Williams as “one of the most interesting and satisfying bands on the current UK scene” .

I’m very proud of the line-up, featuring some of my favourite musicians –

Alex Bonney – cornet

Mike Fletcher – alto sax

George Crowley – tenor sax

Jeff Williams – drums

Previous incarnations of the band have included Mark Hanslip and Waclaw Zimpel, and we’re joined on occasion by the wonderful Jason Yarde

The Quintet has released two albums to date, ‘Immune to Clockwork‘ (MultiKulti) in 2014 and ‘Day After Day‘ (Babel) in 2017

Reviews for Day After Day –

“Olie Brice Quintet: Day After Day (Babel). I love this band, led by a brilliant bassist and completed by Alex Bonney (cornet), Mike Fletcher (alto), George Crowley (tenor) and Jeff Williams (drums). What it has is the loose-limbed fluidity I associate with the New York Contemporary Five, the band that included Don Cherry, John Tchicai and Archie Shepp, with just a hint of Albert Ayler’s Bells ensemble. But it’s not derivative. It’s a continuation, and a worthwhile one. Brice’s own playing is exceptionally strong (he can make me think of Wilbur Ware, Henry Grimes and Jimmy Garrison), his compositions provide the perfect platform for the horns, and Williams swings at medium tempo with such easy grace that you could think you were listening to Billy Higgins”

London Jazz News said “There’s nothing formulaic here, just an open, responsive approach that speaks to many different strands of improvising tradition, old and new, and makes them personal” in this review – http://www.londonjazznews.com/2017/07/cd-review-olie-brice-quintet-day-after.html

and a 4 star review on All About Jazz can be found here: https://www.allaboutjazz.com/day-after-day-olie-brice-babel-label-review-by-john-eyles.php


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