news update…

Currently between legs of a tour with Dave Birchall and Phillip Marks, and switching my attentions briefly for the first gig of a new band I’ve put together  called the Carracks Project (named after some rocks that stick out of the sea halfway between St Ives and Zennor, one of my favourite walks and where I was when the band took a definite form in my mind…)

The Carracks Project features James Allsopp on tenor sax and clarinets, Nick Malcolm on trumpet, Alex Bonney on laptop and Mark Sanders on drums.  Despite being all my compositions it sounds very different to my quartet…  Our first gig is tonight, at the Oxford in Kentish Town, and we’ll be at the Vortex on the 12th of March.

The Birchall / Brice / Marks trio have released a limited edition tour release CDr, called ‘Spitting Feathers’.  We’ll be selling it at our gigs (see here for details), or if you can’t make it to a gig and want a copy email me (olie at, they’re £5 plus postage…

that’s all for now folks….


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