Recent interviews

I had a really nice time chatting to Tom P for his ‘Call it Anything’ radio show on Routestock Radio. We covered a lot of different stuff – the bass players we talked about range from Jimmy Blanton to Petter Eldh, via Richard Davis, Fred Hopkins and John Edwards – and it wasn’t all about bass players… You can hear it here (the interview starts just after the half hour mark):

I’ve also done an written interview recently for the Jazz South website:

Fire Hills

I was delighted to be commissioned by Jazz South to compose a piece as part of their 2020 Radar series. Due to lockdowns and other complications it wasn’t filmed or streamed until now, but last night was the premier. The piece is for a trio with two wonderful horn players, Jason Yarde on alto and Nick Malcolm on trumpet. Here it is –


It’s release day for the 2nd album on my label, West Hill Records. Really proud of this one, in truly wonderful company. With Paul Dunmall on tenor, Percy Pursglove on trumpet, and Jeff Williams on drums

Paul and Jeff are both heroes of mine who it’s been a real honour to get to play with regularly, for years now – one of the best things about being involved in this music is that your heroes can become your friends and colleagues! They’ve both been really significant for Percy as well, and we’d often discussed that we really should get them together – despite being the same age and having loads in common musically they had never played before the tour this record was recorded during. The album is two long pieces from the 2nd gig of the tour, recorded live at Cafe Oto

Streaming gigs at the London Jazz Festival

After so many months without anything even approximating a gig, it’s been amazing to do a couple of streamed gigs for this year’s London Jazz Festival

I had the great joy of playing at the venue I’ve played the most regularly for years now – the Vortex – in the company of two of my favourite collaborators, Tom Challenger and Will Glaser. We played a set of my tunes, plus one each from Eric Dolphy and Johnny Dyani – you can watch it here:

I was also delighted to join Binker Golding and Steve Noble for a streamed, improvised set from Kings Place – that will be available for another week or so here, although you have to buy a ticket to view it – details here:

New album with Luis Vicente & Mark Sanders

I’ve been playing in trio with Luis Vicente and Mark Sanders a fair bit the last few years, and it’s always a joy.  Last year we had a really lovely time touring in Portugal, and while we were there recorded this album, which is just out on Spontaneous Tribute, a sort of sub-label of MultiKulti (the Polish label who released my first Quintet album).

I’m really delighted that it’s come out – I love playing in this group and hope to do much more…

There’s some nice footage from the Portuguese tour as well, here:


Quartet gigs with Paul Dunmall, Jeff Williams & Percy Pursglove

One of the amazing things about being involved in improvised music is that in such a small and fluid scene it’s quite possible to end up friends and colleague with your heroes. I’m lucky enough to have quite a few of these relationships, but two of the most important to me are with Paul Dunmall and Jeff Williams. Anyone reading this should be familiar with both – Paul Dunmall is one of the most astonishing saxophonists this country has ever produced, and Jeff Williams, among the very greatest living jazz drummers, has spend half his time here now for over a decade.

Although they’re a similar age and have plenty of shared collaboraters, Dunmall and Williams have never played together. Williams is perhaps best known for his long history with great saxophonists – including Stan Getz, Lee Konitz, Clifford Jordan, Joe Lovano and Dave Liebman – and I knew that him and Dunmall would sound wonderful together. I was discussing this with my friend Percy Pursglove, an incredible trumpet player and bassist who also works regularly with both of them, and we agreed that we really had to make it happen. So we’ve booked a short quartet tour, starting with the ‘Ideas of Noise’ Festival in Stourbridge in the afternoon of February 2nd. We’ll then play Cafe Oto in London on Feb 4th, and end up in Bristol, at the Fringe, on Feb 5th.

We’ll be recording at least one of the gigs, so an album should be forthcoming – but in the meantime come and catch us live!

Somersaults – Numerology of Birdsong

Somersaults Numerology Front Cover 300dpi

New album and new label!  My trio ‘Somersaults’, with the wonderful Tobias Delius and Mark Sanders, release our new album ‘Numerology of Birdsong’ tomorrow.  You can hear and/or pre-order it here

This trio has been one of my very favourite things to do since the first few notes of our first gig.  I’m really pleased with the new album, and also excited to have a 9 date UK tour in October – details here:


‘Numerology of Birdsong’ is the first release on my new label, West Hill Records.  I’m not sure yet whether the first of many, we’ll see how it goes!

We’ve already had a couple of really lovely reviews, from AllAboutJazz here, and the Free Jazz Blog here





Somersaults news

The poster says it all really! Very excited to have a new album and tour coming up from this trio, one of my very favourite projects.  I’ll be self-releasing our 2nd album, ‘Numerology of Birdsong’, on my new label West Hill Records.


Podcast Interview

I’ve just been interviewed by the lovely Huw V Williams for his ‘Improvised Music Agenda’ podcast.  It’s always a bit uncomfortable hearing your own recorded voice, but I’m actually pleased with this – reckon it gives a pretty good overview of much of what’s been important to me thus far… a few important people don’t get mentioned, but a lot of stuff is there and there’s nothing said I don’t stand by!

Was a fun thing to do, I’ve really enjoyed listening to several of the episodes.  Huw is a fantastic bassist as well as podcaster, check him out

Have a listen here –

Trio stuff with Luis Vicente

One of the fun things that happened in 2018 was starting to play with Luis Vicente, in trio with either Mark Sanders or Onno Govaert.  We did a couple of different tours, in England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Just got round to watching this video from a gig in Ghent with Onno, slightly funny image but I’m really pleased with the music

we’re plotting more for this year, hopefully as soon as May, details here as they’re confirmed… and hopefully we’ll record this year too