Conduits – duo with Cath Roberts

‘Conduits’, my duo album with Cath Roberts, releases today! This album is very different to any other recording I’ve made, in that we recorded it in real time but not in the same place. It was recorded while playing together online, using an amazing piece of software called JackTrip, during one of the Covid lockdowns. I was extremely sceptical that this could work, but happily I was wrong…

I love playing with Cath – we’re also in a new band together called Spinningwork, album coming in September – so really pleased to have this out there. If you don’t know her incredible band Sloth racket you should. I’m really pleased to be on Relative Pitch, one of the most exciting labels in contemporary improvised music. It’s also the first album cover to feature a photograph by me, although there’s already another one on the way…

You can stream, download and buy CDs here –

and I’m also hosting it on my own bandcamp for anyone who’d like a copy in the UK, transatlantic postage having gone crazy –

Finally, if you’re reading this anywhere near London, we’re playing at Mopomoso (at the Vortex in Dalston) on Sunday afternoon, 2pm 27th March


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