Immune to Clockwork

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I’m delighted to announce the release of my first album as leader / composer.  ‘Immune to Clockwork’ has just been released on the Polish record label Multikulti Project.  The album features some wonderful musicians – Mark Hanslip on tenor, Waclaw Zimpel on clarinets, Alex Bonney on trumpet and pocket trumpet and Jeff Williams on drums.

You can hear a track here:

I’ll have copies to sell at gigs, or if you’d like to buy a copy and have me post it to you within the UK use this link:

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To buy a copy via paypal if you’re not in the UK, please email me at olie (at) and I’ll let you know how much postage will cost

Or it should be available via various online sources – Multikulti’s website for example, or Instant Jazz.

And we’ve had one review already – here it is, via the delights of google translate…

Are rare recordings that can really impress on many levels. Especially in modern jazz. Musicians trying to create an interesting composition, very often forget about emotions, or playing free not pay attention to the intellectual aspects of music, its structure and used for its building measures. And there is one aspect that often escapes the attention of critics, and which is present in jazz since its inception. It is the joy of making music, resulting largely from the creative freedom autonomous partners. Perhaps, at some point, these three elements are mutually exclusive, but the musicians are still trying to find the musical formula, in which they are all present. And the music quintet Olie Brice fits precisely in addition successfully in the search.

Recorded in a rather unusual composition – no harmonic instrument, but with extensive brass section plate, shows the full range of possibilities for musicians in this combination of instruments. Decisive is the key selection of musical personalities that come here (Mark Hanslip, Waclaw Zimpel, Alex Bonney), it is not only outstanding instrumentalists and Sid, but the artists have their own individual sound and vision of their own music. Abide by the concept of Olie Brice, but also bring a lot of each other, whether in the solo or collective improvisations.

Leader moreover seems to leave them enough amount of creative freedom, but also carefully watching over the structure and texture of each composition. Eject bass tone to the fore in critical moments of each composition when he takes over the helm in your hands, it very easy to pick up this recording. It is also a demonstration of how you can realize the vision of his music, not sacrificing creative creativity stage partners. Evenly played lots of tutti” are a necessity, but also represent only a starting point, not thus determining the shape of the whole work. Well you can hear it even in The Hands” or “Snake Path”, which transforms the individual instrumentalists sonically.

Olie Brice is when the leader of an experienced, otrzaskany on scenes of contemporary jazz, a variety of free or completely free improvisation. It is quite well known in our country along with Mikolaj Trzaska and Mark Sanders creates because Riverloam Trio. But the list of his collaborators and partners stage is much longer Paul Dunmall, Tobias Delius, Achim Kaufmann, Ingrid Laubrock, Louis MoholoMoholo and Ken Vandermark is the most important among them.

And this stage, great musical experience can be heard on the album. Brice can create plans with various instrumentalists and combined them into blocks in a logical manner, at the same time surprising. Even more so I hope for a great feast of music, which can be concerts of this composition, with the hope that the Polish do not miss it. Because the great music non-flammable, improvisations excellent, and even the joy of the meeting, the making of music, even in the studio recording you can hear a lot.
by Joseph Paprocki


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  1. Hi Olie… are you likely to be going to E17 on Wednesday? I hope to be there, so perhaps I could buy a copy from you then. I think Pete is going as well, so probably a good idea to bring more than one copy! All the best, Graham

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