Some new music

Thought I’d share a couple of things here from projects I’ve been involved in recently.

The Mike Fletcher Trio, with Jeff Williams on drums, has been the band I’ve been most active in in 2015.  We’ve done a fair bit of touring, mainly thanks to Mike being selected as one of the European Concert Hall Organisation’s Rising Stars.  It’s a band I love playing in, with two of my favourite musicians and some great tunes.  Our debut album ‘vuelta’ came out in January, details here.

Here’s a video of the trio playing at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham:

Another project I’ve been particularly pleased to be part of is Alex Ward’s Quintet / Sextet.  His Quintet piece ‘Glass Shelves and Floors’ features Rachel Musson, Hannah Marshall, Tom Jackson, me and of course Alex, and has just been released on Copepod Records.  It’s a pretty incredible piece of work in my opinion, combining densely composed sections, free improvisation, conducted improvising, pitch sets and all sorts of other good stuff…  Alex has simultaneously released a live and studio version as a double album – you can both hear and buy them here:

We’ve also recorded some further pieces of Alex’s as a sextet (with Steve Noble added on drums) – details to follow…


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