Olie Brice Quartet

I’m very excited about a new band I’ve put together.  This new quartet plays original compositions of mine, with lots of space for open-ended improvisation.  The line-up features 3 of my favourite musicians, Mark Hanslip (tenor), Leon Michener (piano) and Jeff Williams (drums).

Mark has probably been my most regular collaborator since I moved to London. Our main project together was the trio TOM-MIX (with Tony Marsh on drums), and we have also performed in various line-ups including Mark Sanders, Paul Dunmall, Alex Bonney, Neil Metcalfe, Ray Warleigh, Javier Carmona and Alexander Hawkins. He has a beautiful duo record with Javier Carmona out on Babel, this spring.

Leon is probably best known as a virtuosic performer of contemporary classical music, but he is also a wonderful improviser. I play in his trio with Mark Sanders on drums.

Jeff is the newest relationship for me in the line-up, and someone I have wanted to work with for ages. He has appeared with an incredible array of jazz musicians, including Lee Konitz, Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman and Paul Bley as well as younger musicians including Tony Malaby, Bill McHenry and John O’Gallagher. His quartet will release their debut CD ‘Another Time’ in the spring of 2011 on Whirlwind Recordings

We have two gigs in the book at the moment, hopefully with more to be confirmed soon:

  • 08/05/11, The North London Tavern, Kilburn. 7.30pm
  • 06/06/11, The Oxford, Kentish Town, 8.30pm

2 Replies to “Olie Brice Quartet”

  1. Hi Olie

    I’m also very excited to hear the quartet and look forward to a release from yourself.

    I’m rather intrigued about the comment on Jeff Davis’ debut release CD ‘Another Time’? I reviewed what I assumed was his debut release ‘We Sleep Outside’ on the Loyal label in 2010 on the Free Jazz Blog. It was a very strong record and it’s kind of sad that there didn’t seem to be more coverage of the CD in the press, and the band didn’t seem to get a chance to stretch it’s wings live either.

    I’m just putting the final touches to a review of Hanslip/Carmona ‘Dosados’ at this moment …. hence how I ended up here(*) at your blog.

    All the best – Joe

    (*) Olie with one or two L’s.

    1. Hi Joe,
      thanks, no imminent plans to record but hopefully at some point…

      You’ve got the wrong Jeff, it’s the great Jeff Williams in my group.

      And one L…

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