Olie Brice Quartet – Live Recordings

I’ve posted a couple of tracks on the ‘listen’ page of this website from a recent gig by the new Olie Brice Quartet.  They’re not very hi-fi, and Leon is on Rhodes in the absence of piano, but I think they capture some of what we’re trying to do all the same.

If your appetite is whetted and you want to hear the real thing, we’ll be at the Vortex on October 11th.


3 Replies to “Olie Brice Quartet – Live Recordings”

  1. Hi Joe. Not sure when I’ll do a ‘proper’ recording of the quartet, although definitely intend to at some point. Will hopefully get some slightly better quality recordings of our next gig though (October 11th), and with a nice piano, so I expect I’ll put some of that on soundcloud and on here…

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