Dave Birchall / Olie Brice / Phillip Marks

I’ve recently started playing again with Dave Birchall (guitar) and Phillip Marks (drums).  I used to play a lot with both of them separately when I first started gigging, with Dave in a folk/post-rock/improv band called ‘Our Beautiful Ridiculous Plan’ and with Phil in various jazz and improv settings.  The two musicians I played with most frequently when I lived in Manchester, but last week was the first time we’d done anything together.  Anyway, its great to be working with them again, looking forward to developing the project.

Here’s a couple of zoom recordings of our recent jam:



We’ll be touring sometime early next year, info on here as always….


2 Replies to “Dave Birchall / Olie Brice / Phillip Marks”

  1. Oh wow, how exciting! I loved OBRP. Can’t listen right now as there is a band warming up very loudly in the park outside our window, but I look foward to a good listen in the morning. Has Dave moved to London? Love you, xxxx Jessie.

  2. Nope, Dave and Phil both still in Manchester (although Phil is about to move to Halifax). We recorded these when I was up there for the jazz festival.
    Itdoesn’t have much in common musically with OBRP, but hope you like it anyway!

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